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Social Security Disability Lawyer Gary R. Penar

If you can’t work and you need Social Security Disability benefits, Gary Penar wants to help with your claim. A longtime Spokane resident, has represented disability claimants at all levels of the Social Security system – including Federal Court.

 Since his firm opened more than a decade ago, Gary has fought to get disability benefits for thousands of people just like you throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Gary is one of the most respected Washington State Social Security lawyers.

 Whether You’re Filing for Disability or Filing an Appeal, Call Gary Penar

 If you’re applying, let Gary help you with all the complicated steps of the application process. If you were denied and need to file a disability appeal, let Gary help. Either way, don’t try to win disability benefits alone. The rules, procedures and laws are complicated – a disability attorney like Gary Penar can help with your case.

 If you need appeal, you only have 60 days from the time you receive your denial. Call us right away to get started with your appeal. We’ve helped countless people in your shoes win the benefits they need. We know what you’re going through and want to help.

 Some out-of-state firms won’t talk with you until the day of your hearing. Not Gary Penar. We’ll talk with you no matter where you are in the process. And if you can’t come into our office, we can handle your entire case over the phone.

 There are No Legal Fees Unless You Win

 At Gary Penar Law office, we have a legal team here to help you through the complex Social Security system. Members of our team have worked in Spokane’s Social Security office and in the Office of Disability and Review. Our team know the process. We know the pitfalls. And we want to help you get the disability benefits you deserve.

 If you’re ready to get help with your Social Security Disability claim, contact Gary Penar. Whether you live in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho, we can help.

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