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Are you over 50 and need to apply for Social Security Disability?

If you're between 50 and 64 and can't work, there are special provisions in social security that may apply to your case in Spokane and Northern Idaho. We’ll show you how to take advantage of them.

You've worked hard all your life.

Spokane residents helped by Gary Penar

Now it’s harder to find a job. Your health problems make it impossible to work. And you don’t know where to turn.

We do. A special section of the Social Security code offers provisions for people 50 and over. Applied properly, those provisions can make the difference between failure and success. We’ve helped hundreds of people in your position. Let us help you.

There's no fee unless you win. You can call our office and go through these questions with someone over the phone or fill out the questionnaire below and a member of our office will call you to discuss your case. Fill out as little or as much as you like. Just be sure to include your full name and a phone number.

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